Christmas card choices. Either everyone not looking the same direction or the Daddy and the Mommy looking toward the camera but everyone else in their own little worlds.  But compared to last year’s… not too bad.


I love the hymn, “May the Mind of Christ My Savior” and I hope and pray every day that this might become more true of me.  I love hymns and I love to hear my tiny children singing them.  I love to try to teach them the meaning of the grand words in hymns as their minds try to comprehend the greatness of God.  And I love hearing the following seemingly out of the blue (but I know somehow it all connects in their minds) comment such as, “Will Tonka Trucks be in Heaven?” or “Are there swimming pools in Heaven and does Jesus know how to backfloat?” as they strive to make sense of this world, their identity in it, and their calling as covenant children to the forever world of Heaven.

I have a beyond amazing husband (my mom calls him “an angel”… and I might note she has never called me that) and a pretty crazy story of how God brought us together twice.  And I hope for my children that they don’t get married as late as my husband and I did and that their story of meeting and marrying their spouse won’t be as long and drawn out as our story.  But I also see God’s beautiful sovereign hand in our story and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I have three miracle children (after having been hit as a pedestrian by a drunk driver in Russia when I was 18 and not thinking I would ever have my own biological children… lots of stories wound up in that…. God’s faithfulness in suffering, God’s kindness in allowing me to walk again, God’s amazing graciousness in – after visiting tons of doctors – bringing me to a doctor in Houston that He worked through to heal my body so that I could have children).

Theology is extraordinarily significant to me and one thing that most weighs on my heart is the importance of teaching the Church (universal and also local) body a strong theology because it impacts ever aspect of their life.  Having worked in women’s ministries, of utmost importance in my mind is the need to train our women to know who God is, who they are in Christ, and the joy of their calling as His princesses.  In order for that to be the case they must be strong in their knowledge of the Bible, be equipped with the tools to properly study God’s Word, and learn to delight in cultivating the riches of His truth as they are fed from the depths of Scripture through solid teaching in healthy churches and in their personal times of Bible study.

Oh and I also love coffee (it seems bloggers always end with a blurb about how they love coffee).

The below is a biography pasted in from somewhere else of some blah blah I’ve done…


Kathryn (B.S. from Moody Bible Institute, M.A. in Christianity and Culture from Knox Theological Seminary, M.A. in New Testament Theology from Knox Theological Seminary, and was in law school before taking time off to be a stay-at-home mommy) grew up in the Midwest, although she spent some time living with her family in Moscow, Russia where they cared for orphans. She moved to Washington, DC in 2002, where she worked until 2005 as a Congressional Aide for Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02). She moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida in 2005 where Kathryn served as Director of Women’s Ministries at Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church and an associate in the department of Pastoral Care.  In 2010 she and her husband moved to Texas are learning how to be good citizens of the nation of Texas.

She is a graduate of the pilot program of Statesmanship Institute (sponsored by D. James’ Kennedy’s Center for Christian Statesmanship in DC), and the 2004 pilot program of “Centurions” (100 people across the nation trained in a program established and led by Chuck Colson designed to equip individuals to engage their culture with a Christian worldview). She was a member of the Capitol Hill Toastmasters club (winning several levels of Inspirational and Humorous speech awards). She has a heart for equipping young people with God’s truths. At conferences, campuses, and churches around the country Kathryn has given her personal testimony of the joy in yielding to the Lord through times of suffering and coming to more fully know Him as our Savior and Protector. She also speaks being a woman of hope, identity in Christ, God’s restoring grace, and the power and potential of making wise decisions with one’s youth.

Kathryn, and her fairy tale prince Nicholas, have a preschool knight, toddler sugar plum fairy, and an infant ninja who has decided he will keep up with his brother and sister and keep everyone on their toes no matter what.  Her favorite thing is spending time with them, but she also loves theology, photography, traveling, speaking at conferences, interior design, and encouraging women in their great worth in Christ.


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