In photography there is something called the “golden hour” which is one of the most beautiful times to take pictures.  Recently Grandpa Allen and I took portraits of our family during this golden hour.

I tell Daddy that our family also has a golden hour.  Actually it is two golden hours which are the first two hours after you wake up in the morning.  That’s when we seem to accomplish the most.  I remember my Greek professor used to tell us students to study Greek first thing in the morning for our brain works best then.  I’ve found that’s the same in your life.  The first to hours of our day are so important.  We try to not schedule anything first thing in the morning so that we can really take advantage of these hours.  This is when we have breakfast, do our Bible time (hymn, Bible story, Westminster Catechism), and then do school.  (“School” for you is putting stickers on workbooks or coloring or playing with our bear math counters as you listen to Nicky working on things such as numbers).  After that we move on to whatever else is planned for the day (playing, going to a church event, etc).

Having already accomplished the most important first thing in the morning is helpful if the rest of the day then goes a bit haywire. (Such as the other day when Daddy called us late morning and said, “If Nicky wants to see the excavator running, come now” and we all ran around swiftly…the exciting thought of seeing an excavator makes everyone get ready very quickly…and that was just such an thrilling event that we never seemed to quite get back to normal the rest of the day.  But since we had already accomplished a lot earlier that morning, we weren’t too worried about it.

I’ve also found, as the Mommy, if I am up before you all I am in significant more control of the day.  It makes a major difference to be already up and dressed and have read my Bible and done a load of laundry or whatever and had COFFEE.  I ALWAYS regret when I allow myself to sleep in and find myself waking up when I hear little voices on the monitor.  So in a nutshell…. make use of the golden hours of your morning.  Accomplish what takes most brain power and what is most important to you.  And, when you are a mommy, discipline yourself to go to bed early enough the night before (so that you have enough rest) and you can get up before your children.

Just a tip for you to remember in 20 or 30 years.